StopCOVID is powered by Opus
Hello! We are Opus. We are a technology company that provides companies with mobile-first training for their workforce.

Over 50 Million Americans are working on the frontlines of the COVID crisis. They work in every segment of the supply chain from factory workers to cashiers. Their work is critical and they have no option to work from home. This essential workforce continues to make it safe for us to live and work and eat during this uncertain time. They need to be well trained, engaged, and protected.

At the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, we asked ourselves how we could be part of the solution to defeat this pandemic. StopCOVID was our answer.
Our team
Opus is a team of food industry veterans, certified educators, and technologists. At the outbreak of COVID-19, we partnered with emergency designers and engineers, all Managed by Q alum. We were able to get training into the hands of workers in 5 days because of each human who contributed their time and talent to this effort. ️
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