COVID-19 training for essential businesses

Mobile training for your business to protect your frontline workforce and stop the spread of COVID-19. High-impact training is delivered daily via text message. 

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Training in: English, French, Spanish

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How does it work?

Enroll employees

Create an account for your business in under 5 minutes and distribute custom training codes to your team.

Receive text-based training drills

Your team texts their training code to a central number via text message, and begins training instantly.

Access reporting

Owners and operators get daily reports on completion by group and by lesson.

Who is it for?

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, we have been partnering with owners and operators to deliver COVID-19 training. Our training is tailored to the universal needs of frontline workers who are risking their lives every day to keep our economy functioning.

Food Service

What training is provided?

We have developed high-impact training drills on COVID-19 safety. Topics range from taking public transportation safely, to ensuring an accurate temperature reading and proper glove use. We are constantly updating training content as federal and industry guidelines evolve.
COVID-19 basics
Preventing the spread of COVID-19
How to properly wash your hands
When you should wash your hands
Hand sanitizer best practices
How to sanitize your phone
Disinfecting common surfaces
Where and when to use a mask

The basics will save lives

Our training is based on the latest guidelines from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and updated regularly as new information becomes available.

Your community depends on you

Protect your employees

Essential workers are on the frontlines of an unprecedented public health crisis.  It is critical that we provide them with specific and actionable training to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Protect your business

Keeping your staff healthy is critical to the continuity of your business during this time of crisis.

Protect your community

By adopting best practices in your business, you are keeping your customers and your communities safe from the spread of COVID-19.

Join hundreds of businesses united to stop COVID-19

We don’t have time to wait. Start now.

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Who are we?

StopCOVID is an emergency effort of service industry veterans and technologists, led by ESLWorks.

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