Essential COVID-19 workplace safety training program

40 state governor's offices have a COVID-19 workplace training mandate in place. Comply with state and federal training requirements.

Coronavirus return-to-work training delivered over text message and WhatsApp. Employees complete 3-minute, interactive micro-lessons each workday. Managers monitor completion. Courses are updated as new information becomes available.

Bring comfort to your team and customers. Promote a safe workplace.

Join over 400 businesses united to stop COVID-19

COVID-19 training for your workforce

Mobile-first Coronavirus training that protects your employees, customers, and community. Safety training drills are delivered via SMS text message and WhatsApp.

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StopCOVID training is available in English and Spanish

What are training drills?

Training drills are completed on employee mobile phones via SMS text message or WhatsApp. We support all mobile devices (smart and not smart). StopCOVID training drills are a series questions focused on specific topic. Drills are audio-visual, multilingual, and curated for the needs of working adults.
COVID-19 Introduction
Preventing Infection
How To Wash Your Hands
When To Wash Your Hands
Hand Sanitizer Dos and Don'ts
How To Disinfect Your Phone
High-Touch Surfaces 101
Face Coverings 101

Deliver a single source of truth

Our training is based on the latest CDC and WHO guidelines and updated regularly as new information becomes available. Available in English and Spanish.

Why COVID-19 training?

Protect your employees

Provide your team members with interactive training that is memorable to protect themselves and well as your customers.

Protect your business

Keep your staff healthy and ensure the continuity of your business. Compliance with best practices supports safe reactivation.

Protect your community

Train your team to keep your customers and community safe. We must all work together to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Train your team quickly.

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